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As concerns the complex services to agriculture, we offer our partners such means of agricultural production as- plant protection products, fertilisers, seeds, gardening products and mobile agricultural machines. We offer also cooperation in the trade of agricultural products.
Plant protection products
W offer our clients plant protection products made by national and foreign producers, which optimizes the capabilities of pricing and range of products. In our offer, you will find: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, acaricides, growth regulators, seed dressing.
In our offer regarding fertilisers, you can find a vast scope of fertilisers that are accessible on the national and foreign markets. We trade in fertilisers: nitrogenous, phosphorous-based, potassium-based, multi-component, lime, micro-elements.
We offer you "certified seed" coming from Polish farmers and from the list of the varieties permitted to be marketed in the EU. We offer the seeds of: cereal crops, rape, maize, grass.
Buying and selling of agricultural products
We cooperate in the year-round trade of agricultural products. We tailor individually each partner to market outlets capabilities by offering efficient logistics and timely payment. We offer the trade of: rape, maize, wheat, triticale, barley, rye.
We offer versatile tools, plant protection products and garden fertilisers to our clients whose passion is gardening. You will find in our range of products the following: plant protection products, fertilisers in smaller packages, garden tools, gardening equipment, protection clothing.
Agricultural machines
Favourable solutions for storing and transporting agricultural products are tailored for our partners. You may find: silos in systems capable to extend, mobile filling techniques, screw-conveyor feeders, augers.
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As concerns the construction sector, we offer our partners complex services of construction investments. We create concepts of spatial developing and construction investments designing. We also provide investment project implementation and general construction works. Basing on our cooperation with multiple partners, we offer help in gaining support funds.
Designing of construction facilities
We offer complex construction projects of investments concerning the segments: architecture, construction, electrical sector, technological sector and installation. We design: industrial buildings, steel structures, halls, processing plants, distribution complexes, gas stations.
Investment project implementation
We offer you complex services concerning the management of the investment realisation. Our proposal: planning services, land survey help in obtaining administrative decisions, obtaining construction workers, communication with building supervision authorities.
Engineering structures
For the completion of engineering structures we do work connected with underground structures. Our offer concerns: earthwork, Terrain dewatering, embankments reinforcement, earth piercing sewage network, water pipe systems, pumping stations, road overpasses.
Industrial structures
We offer you cooperation in the area of industrial structures of the farm-food sector. We realise facilities as a general constructor: plants, storages for cereal crops, storages for chemicals, storage facilities.
Roads and squares building
We offer our clients realisation of infrastructural structures. Our offer includes: communication systems with asphalt surfaces, roads and squares with concrete surfaces, surfaces made of concrete blocks.